Cancer Screening

Cancer is a leading cause of death globally but fortunately, cancer is to a large extent avoidable. Many cancers can be prevented and others can be detected early in their development, treated and cured.

  • Early detection is one of important things to protect you against cancer, especially above 40 years old ladies.

  • Gynecological cancers include cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancer.

  • Prevention and early diagnosis of any gynaecological malignancy should be part of every womans health care program. Screening tests are a part of “well woman” consultations and should be performed routinely at specified intervals.

  • Screening tests when normal are reassuring

  • Premalignant changes can be treated and will prevent cancer from developing

  • If a cancer is diagnosed early treatment can be curative.

  • “Gynaecological screening tests are important”

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