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Ovulating- Things You Must Be Aware Of!

Most women stay confused with the time of their ovulation or the duration of fertile period. A figure of 90% is often quoted as the proportion of couples, who are sexually healthy and are in their 20s and 30s and are not using any birth control measures, who will be expecting a child after staying together for a year. It is interesting to know that you have a high chance of getting pregnant at the time of ovulation. It is a small window period that comes e...

Even a drop of blood after attaining Menopause – An Alerting Sign

Most women attain menopause between the ages of late 40s and early 60s, the average age being about 51. This is an important milestone in a women's gynecological history. One major change is altered female hormone levels, and this leads to a lot of physiological changes. From hot flashes to mood swings, there is also increased predisposition to osteoporosis and uterine cancer. If you have not had your menstrual cycles for close to 12 months, chances are...

IVF: Causes, Risks and Treatments

Infertility is a condition where a couple trying to conceive in a natural way is not able to do so even after one year of trying. It is also a matter of worry for patients who are over the age of 35 years and those who are not able to conceive naturally even after 12 months of trying constantly. So here are the causes, risks and treatment for this condition. Causes There are many causes of infertility. It may be down to a condition present in one

Ovarian cysts: All you need to know

Though ovarian cysts can be well-treated with surgeries but not all surgeries are good for operating them. Thus, you have to choose the safest option that can help you to avoid adverse impacts after surgery. Laparoscopic method is the approved surgical method that can operate ovarian cysts in the best possible manner. This treatment is completely painless, and thus you will not suffer at all while conducting the concerned method. What is the best sur

5 Most Common Queries Regarding Fibroids

What are fibroids ? Commonly referred to as “Rasauli” in hindi, fibroids are non cancerous growths in uterus. We may say when normal tissue of uterus overgrows at one particular site then we call them as fibroids. How many women are diagnosed with fibroids ? If we do an ultrasound in 100 women then approximately 50 of them will be diagnosed with fibroids. So just an incidental diagnosis of fibroids is not a very troublesome condition because most of

When Do You Need To Undergo IVF

Motherhood is a divinity that every woman aspire to. But ,now-a-days, more and more couples are finding difficulty in conceiving. Stressful working environment, hectic schedules, pollution, mobile radiations etc are playing a major role in persistently rising incidence of infertility (inability to conceive even after staying together for 1yr). Many couples are adviced to go for IVF. But sometimes pregnancy can be achieved with small measures and treatments...

Are Your Periods Normal or Abnormal? How to Differentiate?

Normal menses or periods are a boon and even slightest of irregularity in monthly cycle, can make our life stressful and cumbersome. How to know if your periods are normal or if there is any abnormality ? Here is a list of abnormalities in menstrual cycle and their causes – Cycle Duration A normal period cycle is defined as the one occurring at regular interval of 21 to 35 days. Any period occurring at an interval of less than 21 days or more than 35

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

What is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination, it is absolutely different from IVF. In IUI the semen is taken and then it is processed and washed so that only highly efficient sperms are taken, then those are inserted directly into the womb of the female partner. This is very beneficial for the patients in whom there is some problem in the natural intercourse or if there is some problem in the semen parameter like the mo

Pain & Clotting During Periods- Role of Hysteroscopy

Abnormal uterine bleeding, also known as AUB, is one of the most common causes requiring gynecologic evaluation. Hysteroscopy is a procedure wherein a thin camera called hysteroscope is introduced into the uterus via the vagina and this light helps in a thorough examination of the uterus. In cases where there are cysts or fibroids or even cancerous growths, this is used to get more details on the lesions. However, hysteroscopy also has a therapeutic ...

Facing Difficulty in Getting Pregnant- Follow These Simple Tips to Ensure Pregnancy

If you have been trying to conceive but are being unsuccessful, then it is time to take a step back, relax and figure out the problem. Figuring out the problem(s)will allow you to rectify them so that the chances of you getting pregnant go up significantly. Some of the common issues which may be interfering with your chances of pregnancy are: Get Sound Sleep -The more sleep deprived you are, the less likely are you to get pregnant. The reason being, l...